RHYTHM SAND 248.001.100

919,00 €
με ΦΠΑ


Σύνθεση: 35% wool / 35% viscose / 30% cotton

Ύψος πέλους: Flatweave

Βάρος: 2.700gr/m2

Κατασκευή: Handwoven

Προέλευση: India

Προϊόν διαθέσιμο με διαφορετικές επιλογές


A subtle repetition of a contemporary geometric pattern makes this sophisticated handwoven rug a must have. RHYTHM is made with a blend of wool and viscose; this blend of dull and shiny yarns create a beautiful subtle sheen on the surface. Whether you have a contemporary or classic interior style; this handwoven rug will always complement your interior. Available in 4 different colors.

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