LUMINOUS GREIGE 508.001.AC620 (indoor/outdoor)

1.329,00 €
με ΦΠΑ


Σύνθεση: 60% decolan / 40% polyester

Ύψος πέλους: Flatweave

Βάρος: 1.540gr/m2

Κατασκευή: Woven

Προέλευση: India

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Luxurious yet functional; LUMINOUS complements any room or outdoor space. This rug is a unique double-sided jacquard woven piece. Due to the composition of high-quality yarns the rug is very resilient. The depth and the relief are achieved by the distinctive combination of weft and warp. Because of this exclusive and innovative technique; we are able to make a wide range of colors and shades in more than ten colors. Due to the high density and the subtle use of fine yarns we create intricate and high-quality rugs to decorate your outdoor living space and take it to another level.

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